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The Tricorne is run by volunteers who take time out of the day to contribute to our mission- providing free, high-quality journalism for all to see. Whether it’s writing, editing, or marketing, your contribution would be greatly appreciated.

If you are interested in volunteering, please join our Discord server and speak to Jayden Lycon (EndQuote#2696). It is expected that you are somewhat English proficient but different roles require different needs. Though we prefer applicants to have some knowledge in a micronational community (that does not have to be the MicroWiki community!), please still apply if you lack this requirement.

Unfortunately, we are unable to give out volunteer hours at this time, however, credit is given for every article you post or edit. Please understand that this is a non-paid position.

We thank you for your interest in contributing to The Tricorne and we bid you good luck in your future endeavours!