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Journalistic Standards

The team at The Tricorne has the ultimate duty of ensuring that we publish accurate and quality articles on our website. As editor-in-chief, it is my responsibility to ensure that all of our media concurs to our standards and to make sure that this list is accessible to our readers.

Tricorne articles are separated into different categories, which are op-eds, informational, interviews, and press releases.


Op-eds are opinion-based and the views projected in an article represent the author’s/authors’. Opinion pieces are important especially in a democracy to ensure that a diverse range of views are represented. At The Tricorne, we must ensure that op-eds:

  • are categorized correctly (in the Op-Eds category);
  • ensure that these articles have a general argument, as opposed to rambling (e.g. in Form Sentallares now- or else we’re out, the author argues that Sentallares should be formed without El Dorado since, after two months, they still haven’t hosted a referendum);
  • does not engage in false defamation.


Informational articles include information regarding a subject or something. These are important to ensure that a reader gets the facts they need for something, and to use those facts to form an opinion. At The Tricorne, we must ensure that informational articles:

  • are categorized correctly (in the Informational category);
  • are based solely on facts, cited using reliable resources if possible;
  • does not include the author’s opinion.


Interview articles include articles that mainly evolve around an interviewer talking to a person/people. These articles are important to give another person/people the spotlight when it comes to matters relating to micronationalism. At The Tricorne, we must ensure that interview articles:

  • are categorized correctly (in the Interviews category);
  • asks questions that relate to a topic (e.g. if I write something about politics, I shouldn’t be asking someone about their favourite cereal.);
  • that the reader learns something about the interviewee(s);
  • that the interview remains formal.

Note that informational articles may have interviews in them. Though the last three still applies to these interviews, we may mark them as informational articles if they only support / make up a small part of the article.

Press Releases

Press releases are documents issued by Curio Media relating to a Curio service or newspaper (including The Tribune). These are important to let the public know about what is going on to Curio and what changes they may find in the future. At The Tricorne, we must ensure that press releases:

  • are categorized correctly (in the Press Releases category);
  • issued directly by Curio Media;
  • relates to a Curio product.


Any complaints or inquiries should go to editor-in-chief Jayden Lycon:

…and/or the author (if they leave their contact information).

Last amended: 27 June 2021