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BREAKING – Burdette loses confidence vote within the Atieran National Front

Amongst the dark nights within the Atieran National Front’s Discord server, Deputy Chair Tucker Gladden presented a flaming document against his party leader, Isaiah Burdette. The document, signed by Gladden, Christopher Miller, the Monarch Liam Munroe I, the Prince of Galte Michael Shepard, and James Bornstein, slammed Burdette on various issues. These included

  • his inability to run a political party
  • the lack of meetings in his cabinet
  • little work within the Atieran government under his Prime Ministerialship
Portrait of Isaiah Burdette (MicroWiki)

The lengthy motion cited various examples, including him calling party elections one week before the 24 July election, announcing Michael Shepard to be his running mate without him knowing, and threatening to resign if he missed another cabinet meeting.

The National Front’s Discord server is in havoc but, for the time being, Christopher Miller has taken up the role of Chairman. How they are going to perform in the 24 July elections with this possibly fatal obstacle, we have yet to find out. Right now, however, Burdette announced a very succinct and informal farewell message to his former constituents.

Farewell message of former Prime Minister Burdette. (Discord)

We could, very well, be witnessing the terminus for Burdette’s political career in Atiera.

This story will be updated once more details have been unveiled.

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  1. Someone that knows this BS Someone that knows this BS 12 July 2021

    Not the first Time I’ve seen Liam and his buddies smear people and ruin people’s reputation.

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