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For the many, not the few – APU’s William Cooper

Atierans head to the polls to pick their Prime Minister on 24 July 2021. Many are running, including incumbent Prime Minister Isaiah Burdette of the National Front and the Honourable William Cooper of the Atieran Peoples Union (APU). I had a talk with Cooper about his policies, his stances on Canadian issues, and general life.

Cooper is the leader of the APU and serves as the Leader of the Opposition. He decided to choose to run in Atiera since he has a “long-running relationship with [their] King, Munroe I”. He decided to reject the Moderates and National Front since he was dissatisfied with the status quo under the National Front, adding that “The APU was created to be a vehicle for leftist change, and that’s precisely what it is to this day.” It is unique in the environment as it is the only left-wing political party, boasting that it is the second-largest party in the nation, and gives leftists a voice in the political landscape.

The front cover of the APU Policy Book. (APU)

His policies are laid under the Policy Book of the Atieran People’s Union. The manifesto, proclaiming the statement “For the Many, Not the Few” (also the motto of the UK Labour party), includes both strengthening and codifying anti-hate and anti-discrimination laws, educating citizens on labour unions, and reforming the voting system to a ranked-choice system. On the foreign side, the party wants the government to endeavour on new alliances but supported Ateria’s continued membership in the Cupertino Alliance.

I think that, as an internationalist myself, the Cupertino Alliance is a wonderful institution that Atiera should definitely stay in.

William Cooper

Continuing on foreign policy, he is looking to opening up relations between the People’s Republic of Baliga and the Republic of Aleutia but conceded that he still has to do a lot of research. The Policy Book notes that an APU government plans to partner and ally with fellow socialist micronations.

Relating to public affairs, he said “an APU administration would embark on a radical, new programme of advertisements, partnerships, and social media activity in an effort to recruit new citizens.” Cooper also thinks that technological infrastructure can be improved by making it easier for visitors to access documents, bills, and forms.

If for whatever reason, an APU government fails at a policy, he would apologize, ask the public for ideas, and present a plan of action to move forward.

Kamloops Indian Residential School, circa 1930. (Wikimedia Commons)

Canadian federal politics are also a major point of discussion in the Kingdom of Atiera. Relating to the recent discovery of mass unmarked graves due to Canada’s native genocide, he gave this statement:

As a Canadian, I am significantly disturbed by the discovery of the mass graves, and I am disgusted by that period in our history. The effects of the government’s genocide against indigenous people is still felt by all indigenous communities across the country, and we must all work towards reconciliation. I fully support Nunavut MP, Mumilaaq Qaqqaq’s calls for an independent, special prosecutor to be appointed to investigate residential schools, and further mass graves that may be discovered there.

William Cooper

This event unveiled calls to cancel Canada Day, which Cooper offered an alternative solution- reducing festivities and moving the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation to 30 June. Moreover, he called on the Liberals to resolve water drinking issues affecting the First Nations, slamming Trudeau on failing to reach his promise “to lift all boil-water advisories by this year.”

They gave their word to indigenous communities, and they let them die.

William Cooper

Party-wise, he identifies with the New Democratic Party (NDP), led by Jagmeet Singh. Relating to Singh, Cooper remarked that it was a major achievement of Singh leading a major Canadian political party without being White and/or Christian. Relating to his biggest fault, he answered about his willingness to compromise to the conservative wings of the party.

Profile picture of William Cooper as of 11 July 2021 (DIscord)

Speaking of the NDP, he also has Tommy Douglas as his profile picture. Douglas was a Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (CCF) leader (predecessor to the NDP) and a champion of national healthcare in Canada. On why he has this man featured proudly on his Discord profile picture, he replied:

Tommy Douglas was a remarkable human being. From being the first CCF and socialist Premier in Canadian history and instituting the first hospitalization program, the first bill of rights, the first collective bargaining powers for civil servants, and the first medicare program in Canada, to being the first leader of the NDP and getting many of those policies adopted at the national level, the contribution to our country, and our history by this man, this little reverend from Scotland, can not be overstated.

William Cooper

On other Canadian issues, he is against Bill C-10. He concedes that “Canadian heritage must be protected, and Canadian creators must be promoted”, but slams the bill on the vague language. He worries that the wording could give the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission too much unchecked unregulated power.

Map of the Keystone Pipeline, which includes the now-cancelled XL expansion. (cmglee, Meclee, Flappiefh, Lokal_Profil et al. / Wikimedia Commons)

He is also opposed to Keystone XL, which was recently cancelled by President Joe Biden. Though he recognized the project’s importance to the Province of Alberta, he does not think Canada could be a green country without ceasing any future pipeline projects.

I believe that continuing to exist on this planet is a greater priority than appeasing shareholders of oil and gas companies, and that more needs to be done to fight climate change.

William Cooper

Speaking of Biden, he commends the Delawarean President on his administration’s sweeping changes, but hopes that Biden could tackle issues like increasing the minimum wage and abolishing child separation at the border. Trudeau on the other hand, Cooper thinks that though “he’s charismatic enough to be elected […], he’s incapable of governing”.

If he had the power to amend the Canadian governmental system, Cooper answered that he would make Senators elected. In the international space, he would want Canada to take a tougher stance on Israel and Saudi Arabia and to decrease Canada’s economic dependence on the United States.

Outside of micronations, he volunteers for the NDP and participates in model House of Commons. When asked about his achievements, failures, and personal changes to the latter, he gave this statement:

The fact that the club exists is an accomplishment in and of itself. On top of that in the club I’ve lowered the voting age to 16 and expanded charter protection to LGBTQ2+ persons. In the real world the club also ran a successful fundraising campaign for Indspire, an indigenous-led, national charity that provides learning supports to First Nations, Inuit, and Metis youth across Canada. Through the efforts of myself and others, we managed to raise $503 for them.

William Cooper

He also participates in the Rideau Students’ Union as well as plays the bagpipes, which he pursued since he was curious.

A debate between party leaders is planned for 16 July 2021, then the 24th will flash by quickly. The Tricorne plans to interview a couple more party leaders on similar issues. Coupled with magnitudes of campaigning, Atierans will either keep or ditch Burdette in less than a fortnight. And if the latter happens, replace him with who?

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