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Teletext for Micronations is coming on 24 July

Toronto, ON – Curio Media has annouced plans to restart the Curio TELETEXT service starting on 24 July 2021. The Curio TELETEXT service was a project intended as a micronational version of the BBC’s Ceefax service, which displayed rotating news over the air 24/7.

The project, though a first in its community, ran into various difficulties, including internet problems, hardware difficulties, and lack of interest. Due to these issues, the project was shelved in March 2021.

With the general amount of free time given in the summer season, Curio Media has determined that it would be appropriate to relaunch the TELETEXT service on a limited-service run. This new service though uses the same hardware, will only run for 4 hours on Friday – Sunday, thus limiting the strain on the Raspberry Pi.

Music, an instrumental component of the BBC’s Ceefax service is being researched. We are working hard to provide a variety of music without a massive hit to hardware performance.

The service will start on 24 July-dependent on if there is enough news. It will run from 2PM to 7PM Eastern Daylight Time (18:00 to 23:00 UTC). We plan to switch the news at the start of every broadcasting day.

Curio TELETEXT will also be moving to its own channel viewable here.

Curio Media hopes that this service can be used as a community hotspot where people can read the news, listen to music, and chat with people using the YouTube chat service. For any questions, contact Jayden Lycon at EndQuote#2696 or u/kazoosportacus, or join The Tricorne‘s Discord server here.

UPDATE: Project pushed back to 24 July

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