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Saspeariards, you got a brand new army

On 24 June 2021, Saspearian citizens got treated to the formation of their own military, consisting solely of the Saspearian Army. Though the nation was founded on 20 October 2017, the state still hasn’t gotten around to fulfilling this vital task, relying on the Wegmat military during the Great Des Plaines Valley War.

Commander-in-chief and Emperor Anthony the First stated to The Tricorne that the delay in the creation of a military force was contributed due to the relatively safe conditions of mainland Saspearian. The Great Des Plaines Valley War was a wake-up call, however, after the Illinois territories were captured. The Government realized that it required a self-defence force to prevent incidents like those to happen ever again.

“The Saspearian Army would be in the capacity to be deployed in the case of a conflict that has an impact on our sovereignty”, the Emperor said. “[It] consists of Infantry, Ranger, and Volunteer forces, which are organized by divisions. We plan on using airsoft guns as weapons.” The Emperor added that he would only engage the Army as “a last-resort option”.

He also has plans to liberate the captured Illinois lands. Relating to prerequisites on how to join, Anthony stated that any citizen at or over the age of 14 can join. Furthermore, anyone who is a non-citizen/citizen of other countries may volunteer if they are also 14+.

As for future plans regarding military bureaucracy, he plans to “[create] a budget for the military in the future and potentially establish Marines forces and emergency response (in the case of a disaster).”

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