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Form Sentallares now- or else we’re out

On 13 May 2021, I received a request from Minister of Justice Rachel Burklandssen requesting that the Supreme Court amend various parts of the Government for the future establishment of Sentallares. Sentallares is the planned confederation between Iustus, El Dorado, and Posaf, who were quite influential micronations from days past. Today, the trifecta is a shadow of their former glory, with their influences diminished and their governments inactive. The confederation aimed to amalgamate efforts to create a more engaging micronation with a combined culture and policy.

Now, my decision in Reference re inquiry by Ministry of Justice dated 13 May 2021 doesn’t correlate much to this story- nor does the Reform Act that was passed due to the decision. However, it was clear that our and Posaf’s governments were planning for the future state to be formed in early June. We and our Posafian counterparts held our referendums on the 12th day of March with a majority of support. Our El Doradorian counterparts also planned for a referendum on the 8th of June. It’s been a fortnight since the planned date and there still hasn’t been any signs of the El Doradoan government preparing for such an event. 

Austin Jaax, Emperor of Iustus (MicroWiki)

This impediment is costing our and Posaf governments’ on potential activity (especially considering schools out and we are all stuck at home!), and general morale for the project is diminishing. Many people have inquiried and complained about the slowness of this project. I planned for the State of North Aenderia to join this confederation but even I am considering pulling North Aenderia out. Yet the El Doradoan government sits dormant. 

This isn’t their first time, however. El Dorado, alongside Posaf and Iustus, were due to host the Micronational Olympic Games in early March. Two seasons later and the games still aren’t officially open. Nicolás Millán, the Crown Heir of El Dorado, is also the President of the MOF. Under his tenure, he has basically ghosted the organization.

Nicolás Millán, the Crown Heir of El Dorado and President of the Micronational Olympic Federation (MicroWiki)

Though I will be respectful and sympathize with the burdens of a busy timetable with them, we shouldn’t ask much for the El Doradoan government just to talk. Just to inform us that they can not fulfill a referendum and either designate someone who had the time or sit out of the deal until they have time to manage a vote. Such would’ve been a thousand times more useful than the status quo. That’s why I am proposing to keep them out of the deal until they fulfill their obligations. 

Writing the opinion to Reference re inquiry by Ministry of Justice dated 13 May 2021, I cited the then-recently minted Sentallares Act. The aforementioned act, which though does mention El Dorado, just states that Iustus intends to join the new Empire. Nowhere in the document does it state which micronations need to join said Empire. The same goes for the Posafian equivalent– it’s literally the same act copied and pasted. I also find the Sentallares project to be a quid pro quo. We admit you if you do all the things required to be admitted. So far, El Dorado has a reputation for failing to deliver on the quid, so we shouldn’t give them the quo. The Iustus and Posaf governments, who have done what needs to be done, should not be liable for El Dorado’s faults. 

Ultimately, we must not let this newfound project go to waste. Its constitution is drafted and geared up for potential. Don’t let this be a group project where two members do the work and one sits around. Or else our new-fledged state will simply be a flop. 

Footnote: El Dorado is the new name for the micronation commonly known as Millania.

Jayden Lycon (pseudonym) writes occasionally for various news syndicates. In Iustus, he is a legislative member for Democracy and the Chief Justice in the Supreme Court.

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