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Curio Media launches “The Tricorne”, an unofficial successor to “Homemade Crown Journal”

TORONTO, ON – Curio Media announces the launch of The Tricorne, a MicroWiki-community-wide news source intended as a continuation of Homemade Crown Journal. The latter was spearheaded by Ives Blackwood and focused on in-depth stories, political news, and community updates. Blackwood de facto shuttered the Crown Journal in February 2021 and there has been no news publisher to fill the void. Except now.

The Tricorne differs from other publications by Jayden Lycon as there would be less focused on press releases and statements, includes op-eds, and would not be focused on one micronation. Tricorne is also being tested as the forefront “news” brand for Curio. This means that some projects including the shelved Curio Teletext project will possibly be renamed to Tricorne Teletext if such a proposal is fulfilled.

We are seeking volunteers for this project- feel free to join our Discord server ( or contact Lycon. (Discord: EndQuote#2696; Reddit: u/kazoosportacus).

Curio Media also has an Issuu account, where we publish newspapers, magazines, and documents. Feel free to view it here.

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